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Sleep Apnea Refurbishment Program

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that causes a person to stop breathing while they sleep. This can contribute to other health problems like heart arrythmia, stroke, diabetes, depression and more. Sleep Apnea can also be a danger for others, as this condition causes extreme fatigue, which can result in motor vehicle accidents.

Over 45,000 Nova Scotians and Islanders suffer from sleep apnea. Many of these people are unable to afford treatment, which can cost thousands of dollars

LungNSPEI offers the Sleep Apnea Refurbishment Program, which collects gently-used, new models of CPAP and BiPAP machines. With the help of volunteers. Lions Clubs, and the Dalhousie School of Respiratory Therapy, the machines are refurbished and provided to people who cannot afford therapy.

*Machines will not be sent out until the waiver has been signed and all forms have been received.

Do You Need a Machine?

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, have a valid prescription and cannot afford therapy (no private medical insurance, income under $60,000 per family/$35,000 per individual*), we can add you to our wait list to receive a refurbished sleep apnea machine. To be added to our waitlist, please call Jennifer MacKenzie at 902-443-8141 x28 or email You can also apply online here:

Donate a Machine

If you or someone you know has a gently-used CPAP or BiPAP machine you no longer use, please consider donating it today! We currently accept machines that are less than ten years-old (Due to the recent Phillips recall, the only Phillips machines we are currently accepting are the Dreamstations 1 & 2). To donate a machine, you can call our office at 902-443-8141.

We will need to know:

  • The type of machine

  • Make and model

  • Age

  • Condition/description

  • Seller's name, email and Phone #

JAN and 36 machines.JPG

Lion's Clubs have graciously partnered with the LungNSPEI to act as collection points for sleep apnea machine donations in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We thank them for their support


For those living in Sydney, Cape Breton, you can drop off machines at The Heart & Lung Wellness Centre in Sydney (200 Churchill Drive, Suite #101). They can be reached by phone at 902-563-8566

The Sleep Apnea Refurbishment Program has been funded in part from a grant from the Windsor Foundation of NS.

We thank the Lion's Clubs for their support

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