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Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved and support LungNSPEI. Donate, volunteer, junk your car, purchase a Links Fore Lungs Golf Book, host a fundraiser, leave a gift in your will, or participate in one of our events. We appreciate your help in making Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island a healthier places to live and breathe.

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We are always looking for volunteers. Whether to help out at special events, or to help with administrative tasks around the office, if you're looking for volunteer work and are interested in helping to support lung health, we'd love to have you on the team!

Fundraise For Us

Are you passionate about lung health and you want to help raise money to support our valuable programs and services. We have some great ideas for how you can fundraise to support lung health!

Leave a Gift in Your Will

A planned gift can provide hope and support to people affected by lung disease. It can also offset taxes on an estate. 

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Become a Patient Advocate

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Participate in an Event

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Junk Your Car

Patient advocates help us talk about the patient journey and perspective, in order to help create positive change in healthcare to better manage and support people living with lung disease. Share your story, lend your voice, & help us advocate for change.

We occasionally hold events to help support our programming and initiatives. Whether it's our annual stair climb, a charity run, a webinar, or an awareness event, we'd love to have you participate to support lung health. Click on the link below to see what's coming up! 

Has your old car run it's last mile? Are you considering calling the junkyard to pick it up? Consider donating it to support lung health! 

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Become a Community Partner

Is your organization looking to give back and make a big impact on healthcare in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island? We'll work with your organization to determine how we can create a mutually-beneficial partnership that helps you achieve your goals for giving back. 

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