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The Government of Canada strongly recommends the vaccine for anyone 6 months of age or older. When it comes to the flu vaccine, there are many misconceptions and myths. Some people think the flu shot can make you sick. In reality, the injected flu vaccine is your best defence against the flu.

The flu vaccine can give you the flu

The flu vaccine cannot give you the flu. It contains inactivated virus

The flu is a minor virus

Influenza and its complications cause approx. 4500 deaths in Canada each year

You don't need to get the flu shot each year

Flu viruses are always changes - You need to be vaccinated each year

You will still get the flu after getting a flu shot

While a flu shot does not guarantee you won't get the flu, it lowers your risk, and if you do get the flu, you will likely be less sick

Vaccine Myths & Facts

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The flu vaccination is especially recommended for people who are at higher risk and those who have regular contact with people at higher risk. People at higher risk from the flu include:

  • People with health conditions such as lung diseases (e.g., chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseasthma, pulmonary fibrosis)

  • Very young children and seniors

  • Pregnant people

  • Indigenous peoples

  • Residents of nursing homes and other chronic care facilities

Flu Shot Options

The standard influenza vaccine is available from most family physicians, family practice nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. The high dose flu vaccine is NOW AVAILABLE to all people 65+ in both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

If you’re 5 and older, it’s safe to get an influenza vaccine before, after, or at the same time as a COVID-19 vaccine. As a precaution, children 6 months to 4 years (or those aged 5 who receive a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine) need to wait 14 days between their influenza vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine.




High dose flu vaccine - Available for all seniors 65+

The High Dose Influenza Vaccine is a Quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine that is licensed specifically for people 65 years and older. The high dose vaccine has four times the concentration of influenza virus antigen as the standard inactivated influenza vaccine which is intended to give the older people a stronger immune response, and therefore, better protection against influenza.

This vaccine is available free to to anyone 65+ in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Click links above for booking your high dose flu vaccine.

High Dose
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