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Lung Transplant Support

Undergoing a lung transplant can be a sometimes frightening and stressful experience. Patients are not only facing a major surgery, but are required to travel out-of-province for the procedure, which can also be a strain, financially. While the province covers some of the costs, patients have reported having to pay up to $40,000 out-of-pocket to cover the additional expenses.

In order to help reduce the burden for patients, LungNSPEI offers financial support to patients to assist with their journey and to support their post-transplant rehabilitation.

We also offer a support group for patients, to get advice from people who have already undergone lung transplantation, and connect with other patients who are also awaiting lung transplant surgery.


Lung Transplant Support Fund


Lung Transplant Resources

Supporting each other

Lung Transplant Support Group

People in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island who require lung transplants must travel out-of-province for the surgery. Our Lung Transplant Support Fund offers modest financial support to help with the costs.

We have compiled information to help you understand the lung transplant process, which includes information to help you navigate through the lung transplant journey.

If you or a loved one is considering a lung transplant or has had a lung transplant, you are invited to join our Lung Transplant Support Group. This group is a safe space to share your experience and gain insight into how others manage pre-transplant and post-transplant life.

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