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We are seeking youth age 16-25 to be a part of our Youth Advisory Council, and get the opportunity to help improve lung health in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. YAC members are ambassadors and advisors for meaningful youth engagement in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The YAC members have the opportunity to act as ambassadors for LungNSPEI through peer engagement, event organization, public speaking opportunities, and more.

This is a great opportunity to create a positive impact in the community while learning about lung health and building your resume. Members can expect to learn self-governance, leadership, creativity, and planning skills through this opportunity. 

LungNSPEI YAC Mandate:

  • Enable young people to learn about and support lung health in NS and PEI

  • Provide insight on diverse youth engagement and outreach strategies and opportunities in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

  • Advise LungNSPEI on effective youth integration in the organization

  • Assist in the implementation of youth-led projects and activities

  • Ensure the voice of youth is heard by decision makers through existing initiatives at LungNSPEI

 Commitment includes brief monthly meetings, as well as planning and implementation of youth-led initiatives. If you have any further questions, or are interested in joining, please contact:

Join Our Youth Advisory Council

Our Current Members

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cassandra hirtle-01.jpg

Loukman Ghouti
YAC Chair

Bailey Dowell
YAC Member

Caillie Dowell
YAC Member

Cassandra Hirtle
YAC Member

Loukman joined the YAC in April 2018, in part because of his family's experience with lung disease. In 2017, he lost his grandmother to lung cancer. His grandmother never smoked. Doctors believed her cancer was the result of exposure to second-hand smoke. This difficult experience motivated Loukman to learn more about current provincial policies that relate to lung health and to advocate for positive change that could make a lasting impact.

As an aspiring physician and graduate of Dalhousie University’s Medical Sciences program, Loukman believes that medicine encompasses more than simply the ‘hard’ sciences; rather, it is a unique amalgamation of knowledge, compassion, and collaboration. 

As a member of the YAC, he hopes to advance policies that promote clean air, improve the lives of those living with lung disease, and bring more awareness to respiratory illnesses. His biggest goal in being a member of the YAC is to advocate for those who may not be able to advocate for themselves.

Bailey is a graduate student at Acadia University, pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree. She joined the YAC in September, 2020. She saw the effects of smoking on her grandmother, and wants to be a part of spreading awareness about the dangers of smoking, especially as she enters the school system as a teacher.

She believes there needs to be more engagement in school to increase awareness and education around lung health, including awareness about the harms of vaping. She looks forward to working with the YAC to create youth engagement campaigns focused on vaping reduction.

Bailey is an athlete who is passionate about sports and fitness. She enjoys working others who have similar interests and a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Callie joined the YAC in May 2021, after learning about it through her sister. Callie is interested in helping to improve lung health, after witnessing her grandmother battle a smoking addiction, as well as seeing how vaping was becoming more prevalent and impacting her peers. Callie is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, so she is excited to be a part of a group that will support her health interests and ambitions, while helping others improve their own health. She is looking forward to creating and executing projects aimed at grade school children, focusing on youth education and prevention around vaping.

She enjoys being part of a group of like-minded youths from various backgrounds, who are all taking an active role in improving lung health in our province.

Cassandra joined the LungNSPEI Youth Advisory Council (YAC) in June 2021. Cass heard about the YAC through a co-worker who had recently joined the workplace, where she is a physical therapy assistant. Cass was looking for new ways to become involved in the Halifax community and her co-worker suggested joining the YAC. Cass felt the YAC would be a great fit, as her brother has severe asthma and she has seen firsthand how lung disease can have a huge impact on one's life. She has also had family members who have battled lung cancer and witnessed the toll that has on a family. Cass feels social media platforms can be used effectively to help bring awareness to the youth demographic about the importance of lung health and she is looking forward to helping lead communications strategies to help engage youth in this regard. She feels the YAC is a great way for youth and young adults to gain volunteer experience and develop a sense of community, by meeting other individuals who are also passionate about lung health and being an active participant in their community.

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