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Lung Transplant Support Fund

To help cover the costs of travelling out-of-province, LungNSPEI offers modest financial support to help families deal with the extra costs of travel & living expenses while waiting for a lung transplant out-of-province. Residents of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island who are awaiting a lung transplant are  eligible to apply for a one-time $1500 travel assistance grant. This can either be applied for when relocating for the transplant operation or when required to go for assessment. 

How do I apply for the Lung Transplant Support Fund?

1. The applicant must complete an application form.

2. The referring physician section must be completed and signed by the referring physician/specialized physician.

3.  The completed form should then be sent to LungNSPEI

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For additional information around the Lung Transplant Support Program, call 902.443.8141 or email

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