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Youth Vaping Awareness Days 
P.E.I Materials

In the fall 2021, the LungNSPE received funding through the Department of Health and Wellness’ Impact Grant to deliver Youth Vaping Awareness Days at Intermediate schools across PEI. The project team consisted of LungNSPEI staff on the Island, 4 UPEI Nursing Students and worked in collaboration with the Provincial Tobacco Prevention committee.


The PEI 2020-21 Youth and Young Adult Vaping Survey Project found that the average age of vaping onset was 15.74 years old among survey participants aged 16-24 [1]. Therefore, Intermediate Schools were chosen as the target audience for the intervention.


Project Goals:

  • To increase knowledge of the evidence-informed health and social harms associated with vaping among Island youth aged 11-15

  • To increase knowledge of the evidence-informed health and social harms associated with vaping among Island Educators

  • To increase student’s ability to make informed decisions about using vaping products


Youth Vaping Awareness Days - Project Outcome (2021):

  • Creation of ‘Clearing the Cloud’ vaping presentation video

  • Reached over 2,500 students (aged 11-15)

  • Reached over 200 Educators

  • Hosted in 5 Intermediate Schools and 4 Consolidated Schools

  • 600 student program evaluations completed

  • French subtitles and program activity forms created


Below is an overview of the activities and resources that are included in the program.

1) Youth Vaping Awareness Days’ video presentation

2) In-class sessions with UPEI nursing students

3) Information shared via email / social media / newsletter with the school community to encourage vaping prevention conversations to continue at home.

4) 'Vaping 101 For Educators' factsheet distributed to teachers

5) Vaping prevention bingo and trivia games hosted during breaks and lunch hour


This Fall (2022), we will be going to Intermediate schools around the Island for Youth Vaping Awareness Days! If your school is interested in hosting, please contact our PEI office at 902-892-5957 or email us at

Youth Vaping Awareness Days Resources:

French resources: 


Vaping 101 For Educators

Vaping 101 For Families

Vaping 101 - How to Talk to Youth

Vaping Infographic

Youth Vaping Awareness Days Poster

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