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Creating Camp Memories

My name is Victoria Cook. I am 13 years old and I live in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia.

I am really excited that the Lung Association called me (and my mom) to see if I could tell my

story about how they have helped me and a lot other kids who have lung disease and conditions like anaphylaxis.

I have been a camper at Camp Treasure Chest for four years. I have anaphylaxis, meaning, I

have severe allergic reactions that could cause me to stop breathing. It is kind of hard to explain, but, having this causes me anxiety and worry. I am constantly checking food labels and it is always on my mind that I could have a bad reaction that would leave me breathless.

This is why I love Camp Treasure Chest so much. I am surrounded by people like me, I don’t

have to feel different and I always fit in.

Camp Treasure Chest is a week long summer camp supported by the Lung Association of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, all because of generous donors.

Donations mean that the Lung Association can have a doctor and respiratory therapist on-site, and they also give us fanny packs and T-shirts. They also provide a lump sum of money so that registration fees are lowered and no kid is turned away, meaning everyone can attend no matter what their circumstance.

This is especially important during these challenging times. It is because of the lower cost that I can go camp. Lots of families would not be able to send their children if it weren’t for you and the Lung Association.

I have made seven best friends at Camp Treasure Chest - Yes, seven! We all get along so well because we all have a medical condition in common. My camp friends are always there for me, no matter what, and I am always there for them. Our friendships continue all year long, no matter where we live, and we get to see each other at camp.

The exact minute I get to camp, it completely overwhelms me. I am just so happy. I love all

of the activities and the staff, who are awesome and will go to the furthest lengths for us. We

get to have a field day, cook, swim, craft, sing and even act! Camp has the best music and is

perfect to me.

All of us at camp have a condition like anaphylaxis or lung disease like asthma. It feels

inclusive and it is amazingly fun. We don’t feel embarrassed, or feel like we have to explain

why we have a fanny pack on with our medications. We learn about our lung disease and

gain confidence and independence.

Me and my friends all enjoy being outdoors, learning lots of new skills, making

friends, and making the best memories.

All I can say is that Camp Treasure Chest is like my home away from home and I really

hope that I get to go this summer!

I really think that the Lung Association of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island is doing great things and you can be a part of it too.

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