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Lung Cancer is not just caused by smoking

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I Knew Something Wasn’t Right

Imagine for a moment, Justine’s story.

You have no cough, no shortness of breath.You feel great. You are a teacher who eats right, exercises daily and then suddenly you have some joint pain, in the knee and then ankle.

The unexplained pain meant Justine became her biggest health advocate and pushed for testing.She was in tune with her body, and knew, as the joint pain worsened, something wasn’t right.It was only by chance conversations and by speaking with her brother, who was a retired physician, that Justine was told the connection between your joints and the lungs.

But still, are you still imagining? Would you expect to have lung cancer?

Never.Justine didn’t smoke and wouldn’t arthritis make more sense?

Justine’s x-ray was at 8am and by 3pm she was told she had lung cancer. Blindsided.Shocked.

Justine’s message is important.

Become your biggest health advocate.Be vigilant. Listen to your body.Lung cancer is not just a “smokers” disease.Cancer is cancer and stigma should not be a part of diagnosis. Be thankful that a variety of treatments are available.Early detection is key. Education is key.

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