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Vaping Prevention & Quitting Resources

Vaping has gained significant popularity among youth over the past few years In 2021, nearly half (48%) of young adults aged 20 to 24 and nearly 3 in 10 (29%) youth aged 15 to 19 reported having ever tried vaping at some point in their life, compared with 13% of adults aged 25 and older.


This growing issue has been the result of:

  • Inviting youth-friendly flavours;

  • Creative marketing targeted to youth;

  • Ability to hide use, making easier to use in places you cannot smoke;

  • Limited understanding about health risks among youth;

These elements have made vaping products relatively accessible and easy to use by youth.

Parents vaping resources-01.jpg

Information for Parents

A resource meant to help parents understand vaping, and provide suggested responses to questions you may be asked by your child.

Coach Vaping Resource-01.jpg

Information for Coaches

Coaches are important role-models for youth. This resource is meant to help you understand vaping, as well as potential vaping questions you may be asked by your players, accompanied by suggested responses.

Teacher vaping resources-01.jpg

Information for Educators

Intended for those who work with youth, such as teachers, youth workers, and school counsellors and Student Well-being Team staff. They provide evidence-based information to help inform students of the known and unknown risks of vaping products.

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Help Quitting

Most people who vape have attempted to quit at some point, but nicotine is highly addictive. We have some resources available to help you quit vaping

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