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Is your organization looking to become more actively involved in the communities where you live, work and play? LungNSPEI offers many partnership opportunities that can be customized according to your organizations needs

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Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with the LungNSPEI is a great way for your organization to make a difference for lung health while building awareness and increasing brand loyalty. We can customize programs to align with your corporate objectives and we’ll help raise awareness about your corporate social responsibility through exposure on our social media platforms, website, program publications, etc.

Workplace Giving

Your organization or employees can donate in the most tax-efficient way: directly through your salary, by giving a set amount to LungNSPEI either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Support an Event or provide Staff Volunteering

A great way to motivate staff, provide team building activities and demonstrate your commitment to lung health and to your local community, is to organize, support, or participate in a corporate event. Staff volunteering also provides an opportunity for a company to transfer your employees skills and knowledge to benefit an important cause.

Cause Marketing

From consumer awareness, to cash register donations, to donating a percentage of product sales - cause marketing campaigns provide your organization with
a unique and meaningful way to engage your audiences to support one of the oldest and leading non-profit organizations in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Program Sponsorship

Give your employees and your customers a cause they can get behind - Whether it’s sending a child with asthma to camp or helping low-income families afford life-saving respiratory equipment, your organization can become an important sponsor of one of these programs with all the bragging rights that come along with giving back to
your province and your community. We also offer programs that can be customized to your employees. Ask us about offering workplace smoking cessation programs, or radon education programs as part of your company’s employee wellness

Corporate Gifts

Looking for a great gift to give to your corporate clients, partners or suppliers? Our Links Fore Lungs book offers over one-hundred 2-for-1 green fees and other great offers across the Atlantic provinces. Radon Detectors are also a great way to look after the health and wellbeing of your workforce and show them you care.

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