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Lower Income
Survey and Focus Group Opportunities

Did you know? 

Canadians in the lowest income group are 2x as likely to smoke than adults in the highest income group. Life stressors and a lack of available support may play a role in the ongoing use of cigarettes.

We understand that a ‘one size fits all’ smoking cessation program does not work well. By understanding the specific needs and difficulties faced by households with lower incomes, together we can create programs that consider the factors unique to lower income communities.

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If you smoke cigarettes or have recently quit in the last 6 months, live in NS or PEI, have an annual household income of under $40,000, and are 16 years of age or older, we would like to better understand your needs and challenges when it comes to reducing or quitting cigarette smoking.

Focus Group

Several small group discussions have already been completed. We are no longer registering participants for these sessions. Thank you for your interest in the focus groups. 


Other survey and focus group opportunities:

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