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Radon Programs

We have worked to create programs in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to help educate and inform people about the risks of radon gas and the need to test and mitigate. Click on each to learn more

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Radon Detector Library Loan Program

MLS program-01.jpg

MLA Radon Detector Loan Program

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Radon Reduction Grant Program

Short-term radon detectors were made available at libraries in Nova Scotia and PEI, in order to increase awareness about the dangers of radon gas, by giving homeowners an idea of their radon levels

We have provided short-term radon test devices to  MLA offices around Nova Scotia to lend to their constituents so they can get an idea of the radon levels in their home. We are also looking to expand this program to PEI.

This pilot program will provide free radon test kits and provide financial support to low-income Nova Scotia households to remediate their home from high levels of radon gas (up to $2,500).

real estate education-01.jpg

Real Estate Radon Education

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Virtual Atlantic Radon Workshop

daycare testing-01.jpg

Daycare Radon Testing Program

An online course was designed to teach licensees about radon, the risks it presents, radon testing, and how to address radon testing and mitigation when working with buyers and sellers.

This event featured speakers from across the Atlantic region who presented on current radon research, projects and programs supporting radon awareness, and highlighting the impact which high levels of radon can have on Atlantic Canadians health.

Public schools have been tested but daycares typically are not tested. This program was intended to increase awareness among daycare owners, staff, and parents about the potential danger of radon gas in daycare/ childcare settings.

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